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“The Joyce Centre for Partnership & Innovation will comprise state-of-the-art technology, labs and industry training centres to support the success of our students, city and region.

As the region’s first net-zero institutional building, it will produce as much or more energy as it…

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541 Makes MSN

It’s projects like this that continue to warm our hearts! Congrats to the team from this amazing facility.

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Record Breaking Design

We were thrilled to be part of the ground breaking for the Centre for Partnership and Innovation at the Mohawk Campus on Friday, Sept. 30. The region’s first Net Zero institution, the 120,000 square feet of labs and classrooms represents a record setting investment by the Federal government in…

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MIMM research featured on CBC

“Who hasn’t felt the urge to sing in the shower, to chime in on the chorus of their favourite tune or belt out an anthem at a sporting event? Melodies ring out at every important human activity — from romancing mates to soothing babies, from worshipping to mourning, celebrating to…

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Cotton Factory making headlines

Canadian Geographic features an article on The Cotton Factory.

“The metal treads in the stairwells of the former fabric mill in Hamilton, Ontario’s industrial north end still bear the stamp of the Imperial Cotton Company. The year they were fabricated, 1900, Hamilton, Ontario was on the brink…

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Zehr Group gets green light to restore Kaufman family home

KITCHENER: Before the grand home at 621 King Street West was the Ratz Bechtel funeral home, it was the stately private residence of one of Kitchener’s leading industrialists. Today, Kitchener City Council approved a recommendation by the Heritage Committee to accept a proposal by Zehr Group that…

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