Hamilton, Ontario

Platinum Condos

The Platinum development on 15 Queen St South, is an exciting project for the city, bringing in demand condominium space to a prominent location in Hamilton’s downtown core, directly along the proposed LRT route. The design focuses on details and programming with the intent to animate the street at grade, and proposes a quality design in terms of materials, articulation and detailing. Platinum Condos is a point tower with one level of below grade parking, a mixed use podium and 24 storeys of residential units.

The tower component is set back from the podium to help articulate the differences between the two elements. At Level 6 where the tower emerges from the podium, the floor is a mix of residential units and amenity – both have access to roof terraces, with a large south facing outdoor space to be shared by the building residents.

The ground floor is designed to include retail space, a residential entry, parking, and a church, which will serve the former congregation which sat on this Hamilton corner. Retail is proposed along the northwest corner where the building has been cut back for a daylight triangle. While the public face of the church will be developed in conversation with the congregation, we have identified this area as a unique character element on the street. The vertical element running along the east corner takes advantage of unusable parking area above, and allows the church to draw in light and express a ‘steeple’ element in the façade.

Surface mounted lights create a sense of progression and rhythm along the street. Moving north along Queen Street there is an entry point with drop off for the residential lobby. The potential for overhangs, covered entry and signage have been identified to create a sense of welcome to residents.

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Team Leaders

Drew Hauser
William Neal
Kevin Van Hartingsveldt


251,000 SQ. FT.