Working remotely demands a big mental shift. As we shelter in place and spend a lot more time in our homes, we begin to realize the distractions that come with it. From dealing with your new (temporary) colleagues, being surrounded by household tasks, or the layout of our spaces in general, we … read more

Around the world, COVID-19 and its implications have changed our entire way of life in a matter of months.

As we aim to flatten the curve with physically distancing measures, global carbon emissions from the fossil fuel industry could fall by a record read more

We are experiencing an extraordinary and unprecedented time in history. Nearly everything we know has changed in the past several weeks, and as we settle into our remote work environments, it certainly makes you think about what is important.


As designers, we … read more

Sustainability has always been at the forefront of our firm’s mission, but this does not just end at environmental sustainability.

In all we do, we remain relentlessly focused on the triple bottom line of social, economic and environmental sustainability. We believe that each of these focuses … read more

At mcCallumSather, the wellbeing of our staff, clients, and community is of the utmost importance. In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, we have closed our physical offices and our staff are working remotely.

Having invested in virtual technologies, we are familiar with this process and in a … read more

What moved you to launch mcCallumSather?

Very simply, I wanted to develop an architecture firm that featured sustainable design principles at the core of everything we do. Although a well-known term nowadays, sustainable values were almost unheard of in architectural … read more

McMaster Innovation Park (MIP) is pleased to announce a quantum expansion of McMaster Innovation Park in Hamilton, Ontario, which at full build-out will encompass 2.5 million square feet of purpose-built facilities dedicated to innovation, commercialization and entrepreneurship.

Expansion plans … read more