St. Catharines, Ontario

Brock University – Zone Fitness Centre

Brock University’s student union, recognizing the importance of the Zone Fitness Centre as a valuable resource, connecting health and well being, recently approved a $4.8 M new addition that would see the facility grow by 10,000 SF and become more in line with the standards of other Ontario Universities. Within the gym, we are addressing holistic solutions for its mechanical systems which posed significant challenges to the comfort and use of the space. The new space focuses on natural light, generous ventilation and makes a statement on the campus. Additionally, the team must face some challenging obstacles within the courtyard in which it will be constructed, reinforcing the strengths of mcCallumSather’s Integrated Design Process in driving thoughtful design solutions.

The work within the courtyard builds on the early work of WSP who completed the original feasibility study and engaged mcCallumSather to assist in the rendering of the design vision to help sell the concept. Now an integrated team, we are working closely with the stakeholders to resolve its programming and construction challenges.

In addition to providing some general opinions on anticipated construction costs, the feasibility study also looked into several challenges that will be associated with the project. The space will be straddling the existing underground service tunnel, which will need to be accommodated structurally. Demolition of the existing courtyard canopies coming off the complex would need to be undertaken. The largest challenge identified was the constructibility, given the site being within the enclosed courtyard.