Hamilton, ON

Gage Park Greenhouse

The Gage Park subtropical greenhouse represents an exciting addition to the heritage landscapes of Gage Park and revitalization of this landmark.  Once complete, the greenhouse will be one of the largest facilities of its kind in Ontario and support the City’s substantial collection of subtropical plants, rare species, and soaring palm trees.

The structure is a creative combination of pre-engineered envelope components and glulam wooden beam structural design that pays homage to the origins of teak greenhouses popular in the 19th century. Inside, visitors will find a turtle pond, fish pond, waterfall and finch colony. The finch colony is being incorporated as pest control, becoming an added attraction.

Hamilton Greenhouse

The design introduces community gathering places, and provides opportunities to use the greenhouse as an educational centre or special events. The exterior of the building incorporates the park’s landscaped two-level amphitheater, allowing it to integrate in the larger Master Plan of Gage Park. The exterior amphitheater berms can be used for lounging and become an alternate venue in the park for festivals such as Festival of Friends.