Waterloo, Ontario

Waterloo North Hydro

Waterloo North Hydro had a strong vision to contribute to the sustainable prosperity and success of its community. All aspects of the design for its Administration and Service Centre, built in 2012, reflects its vision. The LEED Silver Certified project re-used materials from the previous site and in an educated way, incorporated thoughtful green technologies. The success of the award-winning design has helped WNH shine as a corporate leader and exemplified the ever increasing importance creating responsible, livable landscapes.

Design elements

The building is home to more than 100 employees and serves a broad range of programming requirements. We shaped administrative offices, meeting and lunch rooms, including shower and locker facilities. The result is a welcoming environment that integrates with WNH’s business objectives. In addition, we created storage and maintenance areas for WNH’s full fleet of service vehicles, including an operations control room.

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Architecture, Interior Design, LEED Facilitation, Project Management


Administration, Transportation

Team Leaders

Greg Sather
Dora Lomax
Michelle Austin

Partners & sub consultants

Wendy Shearer Landscape Architect
BTY - Cost Consulting
Cobalt Engineering
Melloul Blamey - Contractors


105,000 SQ. FT.




LEED Silver Certified


2014 HBSA Architectural Awards of Excellence Award of Merit, New Institutional
2012 Building Excellence Awards, Grand Valley Construction Awards Award of Excellence


Waterloo North Hydro

Innovations + Outcomes

  • Earned all five Water Efficiency credits available. The building incorporated innovation in Wastewater Technologies, including a 100% reduction in potable wastewater use
  • Anticipated 45% in annual energy cost savings
  • Drought resistant landscaping and on-site stormwater cleaning
  • Low-flow faucets, dual-flush toilets, waterless urinals
  • Rainwater harvesting for toilet flushing
  • 75% construction waste diverted from the landfill
  • High-performance, well-insulated building envelope
  • Occupancy and daylighting sensors
  • Energy performance 43% better than MNECB